Past Recipients – 2011


First Round of Grant Awards Makes a Real Impact!


The CBBF + OIF Impact Grant Program made its first round of awards this year to 5 deserving families living with OI. Below you’ll find a summary of the awards as well as some pictures and excerpts from letters from the Impact Grant Awardees.

2011 APPLICANT 108330

Funding: $1500
A woman from San Jose, CA with Type IV OI. $1500 Impact Grant was awarded for dental work to fix a broken tooth and a broken crown. The dentist donated additional time to fix another tooth, and offered a significant discount on the work that was covered by the grant.

2011 APPLICANT 130242

Funding: $7500
A 17 year old boy with OI living with his single mother and brother. The Impact Grant will cover remolding his bathroom which will allow him to use the bathroom independently. The remodel includes a zero level entry to the shower, so that he can shower by himself.

2011 APPLICANT 196895

Funding: $5000
A family from Richmond, CA with a 6 year old son who has OI. The Impact Grant was awarded to cover a 4-wheeled bicycle that he can ride for physical activity, a ramp to the front door of the house, so that he can independently move in and out of the home, and aqua therapy that is not covered by insurance but has been that has been highly encouraged from him.

2011 APPLICANT 109032

Funding: $3000
A woman with OI from Pine Bluff, AR and her family. Her son also has OI, and they are both in wheelchairs. The $3000 grant paid for a wheelchair ramp to the front door of the house. The current ramp was old and very unsafe. She and her husband were unable to cover the cost of a new one without assistance.

2011 APPLICANT 250012

Funding: $200
A young woman living with OI in St. Louis, MO. The $200 grant will cover pedal extensions for her vehicle. She wants to be able to drive herself to and from school, and to college in two years.

2011 APPLICANT 231725

Funding: $20,000
A single mother living in Tucson, AZ with Type III OI. Her current vehicle has many mechanical issues and safety issues like door handles not working, and the accessible ramp not working. She lives in a rural section where thre is no public transportation or special needs transportation. The van will allow her to keep the normalcy in her life as well as her son’s.

2011 APPLICANT 157258

Funding: $20,000
The sole source of income for this family is the grandmother. She works six days a weeks as a sitter and housekeeper. The applicant is an 8 year old girl with Type III OI. Her mother stays home to care for her and the other children. The $20,000 grant purchased an accessible van that allows her to travel in her motorized wheelchair.

2011 APPLICANT 160970

Funding: $500
A family living in Lafayette, LA. The grant covers water therapy for their 13 year old son who has OI. He has broken over 190 bones and recently broke 7 bones and had rods place in his left femur and wire to close a knew fracture. The water therapy was strongly encouraged, but not covered by Louisiana Medicaid.

2011 APPLICANT 242993

Funding: $20,000
A 27 year old male living in Signal Hill, CA with OI type III living independently for the past 4 years in subsidized housing. He works part-time for an independent living center assisting people who were institutionalized transition back into the community. The $20,000 grant purchased an accessible van that will allow him to continue working and giving back to his community.

2011 APPLICANT 228859

Funding: $704.60
A 21-year-old college senior attending Pennsylvania State University with OI type 4. Mom has OI and dad lost his job. Applicant has had the same walker since 10 years of age because it is the only walker that he is able to walk with. The walker was manufactured in Sweden but is no longer made. With the grant that he received, his mother found a welder who was able to make a custom replica of his current walker that he will proudly use at his college graduation in May 2012 as well as on job interviews.

2011 APPLICANT 191640

Funding: $10,000
A 42 year old woman with OI, living in Phelan, CA with her husband and 2 sons. One of her sons also has OI. The grant that she received was used for much needed dental work. She was in so much pain and had so many broken and chipped teeth that she had to live on a liquid diet. Although the cost of the dental work was well beyond the grant amount, the dentist performed all of the necessary work and donated many hours of work and discounted the work that was covered by the grant. She will now be able to eat properly and smile proudly.

2011 APPLICANT 116949

Funding: $210.75
A 41 year old woman with OI type IV living in Fort Dodge, IA. The grant was used to purchase pedal extensions for her vehicle allowing her to drive safely to work.

2011 APPLICANT 145924

Funding: $13,900
A 24 year old woman with OI living in Saukvillage, IL with her single mother and brother. The grant awarded will cover remodeling his bathroom, which will allow her to use the bathroom independently and the cost of extensive dental work that is needed. With the bathroom remodeling completed and the dental work underway this applicant says her life has improved tremendously.

2011 APPLICANT 19682

Funding: $4,103
A family of a 2 year old with OI type III living in El Sobrante, CA. Parents dental plan covers only a portion of the dental work needed. The grant awarded was used for dental extractions and restoration. Receipt of the Impact Grant will enable her to eat and chew properly to get the nutrition she needs for good health and growth.

2011 APPLICANT 183361

Funding: $2,500
A 23 year old woman with OI living in Osceola, IN with her foster parents. The grant awarded was used to matchFunding: donated by another non-profit foundation and a mobility dealership to purchase accessible van. She is now able to get a job and lead an independent life.

2011 APPLICANT 188536

Funding: $7,000
A 44 year old woman living in Dalton, GA. The grant awarded will be used for dental work that will be done to extract and restore teeth.

2011 APPLICANT 116804

Funding: $20,000
A family living in Elco, PA with a mother and two sons with OI type V. The grant will be used to purchase an accessible van with ramp to transport 2 electric and 1 manual wheelchairs to doctor appointments and school.

2011 APPLICANT 252547

Funding: $5,000
A 33 year old man living with his single mother in New York City, NY. Due to more than 160 fractures he has been unable to work and living on SSI. He has been wheelchair bound for most of his life. His wheelchair is over 8 years old and off balance causing him to tip over and fracture often. The grant will be used to purchase a new wheelchair. His goal is to re-enter the working world and begin building a new life for himself.

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