Past Recipients – 2012


First Round of Grant Awards Makes a Real Impact!


The CBBF + OIF Impact Grant Program made its first round of awards this year to 5 deserving families living with OI. Below you’ll find a summary of the awards as well as some pictures and excerpts from letters from the Impact Grant Awardees.

2012 Applicant 2571525

Funding: $7,900
34-year old woman with OI who has been unemployed for two years. Spinal surgery has left her unable to work due to nerve-damage and post-laminectomy syndrome. The machine will hopefully allow the applicant to walk safely without a walker. The applicant has signed her contract and is working with a DME vendor to obtain the medical device.

2012 Applicant 2653944

Funding: $5,000
A single man living with OI. Due to continued budget cuts, Medicaid no longer covers dental care. His only income is Social Security benefits and cannot cover the cost to help repair 4 or 5 teeth which are causing great discomfort. After numerous surgeries in an attempt to repair his hips, he is unable sit for very long and the portable shower will allow him to shower in a supine position, or in his wheelchair. The applicant has been evaluated by his dentist and we are waiting for the estimate. The applicant must be transported in a supine position and the transportation company offered a discount on the cost.

2012 Applicant 2510164

Funding: $20,000
Single mother of a child with OI. The applicant has recently been accepted into a Registered Nurse program. She has no transportation that will allow her to safely transport her child in a wheelchair. The applicant has signed her contract and we are working with dealerships in her area to locate an affordable van.

2012 Applicant 2539006

Funding: $35,000
A single mother of five children. Everyone in the family has OI. Their only income is SSI. Four of the children have never been measured for wheelchairs and are currently using old chairs, in need of repair. The wheelchair ramp leading to the front door of the home is old and hazardous. The applicant has no access to email or fax and has been mailed her contract to sign.

2012 Applicant 2620114

Funding: $6,600
31-year old single woman living with OI and working as switchboard operator. The applicant is working full-time but her hearing is affecting her work and insurance does not cover the cost of hearing aids. The hearing aids have been purchased and will take two weeks to arrive.

2012 Applicant 2514388

Funding: $4,627
Family of five with an 11-year old son living with OI. Due to a job loss they are unable to cover even monthly payments for the dental work. Dental insurance will only cover $1000 towards the cost of his braces. Their son needs the braces within the next 12 months to correct his jaws and teeth to be effective during this normal growth period. The dentist office offered a firm price to cover any work related to his braces and a 5% discount.

2012 Applicant 2650428

Funding: $5,000
64-year-old woman living with OI and a family of five. Her husband is the only one working, after being unemployed for a period of time. She is bed-ridden and has exhausted her limited health-care options in her area. She has been in touch with Dr. Jay Shapiro at KKI who has agreed to evaluate her case and refer her to other specialists in the area for further evaluation. Dr. Shapiro has agreed to see and treat the applicant at-cost. The applicant has no access to email or fax and has been mailed her contract to sign.

2012 Applicant 2525320

Funding: $1,000
Young couple with one-year-old daughter living with OI. The father is a full-time student and working full-time. They have been awarded airfare for the child and mother to attend the OIF’s National Conference on OI in Washington, DC in July 2012. Attending the conference will allow them to meet with OI experts, other families, and attend information sessions. The plane tickets have been purchased and the family is excited to attend the conference.

2012 Applicant Emergency Grant

Funding: $6,623
Single mother living with OI. Her power wheelchair was destroyed in an accident when she was hit by a car while crossing the street. Insurance will not cover the full cost of replacing the chair ($9344) under NY State’s no-fault law. The applicant is scheduled for hip surgery so the wheelchair will have to wait for a while. Our point of contact, her social worker at Hospital for Special Surgery, is going to hold the check payable to wheelchair vendor.

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